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Say goodbye to “Lost Dog”
flyers and blind hope

Introducing, Archie Alert!

About Us

Say goodbye to “Lost Dog” flyers and blind hope, ArchieAlert is here. Did you know that 1 in 3 pets will get lost during their lifetime? About 90% of these missing pets never return home. Pet owners everywhere are left heartbroken, uncertain if they will ever see their furry little friends again. You are not alone. We know that when more people are looking for your pet, there is a greater chance of finding him/her before harm comes their way. Our goal is to maximize the amount of attention your missing pet gets.

ArchieAlert is the social network that does exactly that. By establishing a community of pet owners, it makes finding your pet easier. Once you report that your pet has run away, others can easily see that and keep their eye out. You will get reports of sightings by other users to make sure that you are looking in the right direction, instead of frantically searching in random locations. Finally, if someone finds your pet, you’ll be contacted immediately. In no time, you will be back home with your furry friend- ready for more fun and happiness.

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Did you know
that 1 in 3 pets
will get lost
during their

How It Works

The way the app works is simple. As soon as you notice your pet is missing:

Post a report of a missing pet. Include a picture, characteristics, and where you last saw him or her. You can even choose whether to do a public or private search.

Once submitted, ArchieAlert will display this report.

You will get notifications of sightings and findings by other people.

Within a short period of time, you will finally be reunited with your pet.

Declare that your pet has been found and if possible, assist others in their quest to find their pets.

The idea for the ArchieAlert System began in 2013 after my adventurous chocolate Labrador Retriever, Archie, ran away once again. Even his canine friend, Lucky, couldn’t stop him! The process to track him down was long and tedious. We spent hours driving around the area calling his name. I walked around the neighborhood as well. As time passed, I grew more and more worried. I considered creating "Missing Dog" flyers but my neighborhood didn't have sidewalks so who could see the flyer while driving in their cars? There had to be a better way! It was at that moment when I came up with the idea to create a digital equivalent of the "Lost Pet" poster . Now the entire interested community of pet owners can join together and help one another find their lost pets. The result is the creation of an application that works on multiple platforms, is free to pet lovers and helpful neighbors everywhere and, most importantly, brings our lost furry friends back home faster and easier.
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