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We’ve created
a pet loss prevention
system that not only
tracks your pets,
but also stops
them from
running away.

How It Works

We've created an ecosystem that not only tracks your pets, but also stops them from running away! With a few clicks, create a virtual geofence that monitors and prevents your pets from running away. No expensive wires to bury, an unlimited number of virtual fences, and real time tracking alerts.

Our versatile app, available on all operating systems, connects you to the CollaRadar, enabling you to configure notifications, fences, and prevention settings. Just use your finger or mouse to create a custom geofence of any shape and size. Select from a number of loss prevention measures, like high frequency speakers, vibration warnings, or electrostatic deterrents. Should your pet cross the geofence border, the prevention measure you set activates to stop them. If they cross the geofence despite the deterrents, not only are you notified with a text message, but we automatically extend the geofence perimeter to provide a second chance to snap them out of their renegade spirit.

We also mine the data on your pet's activity and provide you with health and fitness insights. And, as more pet devices get connected through the "Internet of Things", our CollaRadar seamlessly allows you to extend your ecosystem.